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Thursday, January 28, 2010


A new original tune from Spenny B! A breakbeat/dubstepish tune with heavy basslines to keep ya on your dancin feet

Flashback - Spenny B


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FEB.27th - Bass Funkin' Blows - FREQ NASTY [nz/uk] & FORT KNOX 5 [dc/us]

Oh Snap! presents...

:::: Bass Funkin' Blows ::::

Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 9pm
Starlight - 10030 102st

:: FREQ NASTY :: [botchit NZ/UK]


:: FORT KNOX 5 :: [FK5 - US]

with support from...
Degree & Jake Roberts
Sweetz & Propa
Battery & Spenny B

-In the Temple-

Parallel 49 [Sureshock & The Specialist]
Cobra Commander
Ten- O
P -Rex
Cool Beans
Hotspur Pop

doors @9pm | 18+ ID Required
Tickets - $20 in Advance @ Foosh, Blackbyrd, Room 322, and online at
FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE<---------------------------------------------------------------------


This Original Mista Nyce Guy tune is off teh chain! And its DOWNLOADABLE TO!

Outstanding - Mista Nyce Guy


Choke Me Spank Me(Produced by Spenny B) - Xzibit (downloadABLE)

A chill hip-hop tune by Spenny B, mixed with some Xzibit flava



This is hilarious! someone needs to make a youtube vid for this tune

Powerthurst - KNRVUS (DownloadABLE)

Drum and Bass / Comedy

Sample from the intro of the 1959 television show "The Twilight Zone" mixed with some original Mista Nyce Guy bassline, drums, n synths. Enjoy!

Twilight Zone - Mista Nyce Guy

Dirty Dark Deep Bass

in†rica†e MiX 1 Spenny B vs. Mista Nyce Guy

Spenny B Vrs. Mista Nyce Guy-Missing A Piece To The Puzzle Original Mix->
------------Track List-----------------------
1.intro - Spenny B
2.Dubby - Mista Nyce Guy
3.Drugs Take Hold - Spenny B
4.Monsta Masha - Mista Nyce Guy
5.Special Technique - Spenny B
6.Assault and Battery - Mista Nyce Guy
7.Eastern Dub - Spenny B
8.Outstanding - Mista Nyce Guy
9.Spooky - Spenny B
10.The Reckoning - Mista Nyce Guy
11.Feel Like A Deaf Man - Spenny B Vrs. Mista Nyce Guy
12.Pump That Bass - Mista Nyce Guy
13. Danger - Spenny B
12.Original Badman - Spenny B
13.Mad - Spenny B
14.Matrix - Mista Nyce Guy


intricate is a group of producers and dj's, from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. We bring you Original Dubstep, DnB, Minimal, Breaks, Progressive, House Tracks....We Are in†rica†e

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- Spenny B
- Mista Nyce Guy