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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dirty Filthy Dubstep Skanks! {Mix}

Filthier than 2 Girls 1 Cup! Spenny B Bringin you the filthiest of filth of Dubstep! 'Dirty Filthy Dubstep Skanks' {Mix}


Dubstep / Heavy / Mix

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sure To Keep The Grime On Your Face!

   11:11 Dubstep Spenny B mini Mix by SpennyB

-Track List-
Falling - Bassnectar
Hypest Hype - Chase & Status
Roccos Revenge - Trolly Snatcha
Reploid - Excision & Downlink
Smart Bomb - Vista
Pass Me By - Trolly Snatcha
F Double U - Cookie Monsta
Darnce - Enigma
How Low - Cheshire
Alert - Liquid Stranger
One 2 Punch - Nostalgia
Power - Skism
Spaceman - Vaski
Sexy Party - J.Rabbit, Tremourz
Whistle Tips - Point Blank
Look At You - Ti Healey & Atomic Hooligan


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spenny B's Døwn †hé ®åbbit H∆¬E LIVE MIX!!!! DUBSTEP + DNB

                    -Track List-
1. Keep The Music Down - Spenny B
2. Marmite (Doctor P Remix) - Caspa
3. Machine Gun (16 Bit Remix) - Noisia
4. Purge - Hooky
5. Egyptian Horns - Ed Solo
6. Wizard Sleeve ft MC Raff - Funtcase & South Bound Hangers
7. Takin' the Piss - Funtcase
8. R0807 D06 - Cookie Monsta
9. Fackin Ell - Crissy Criss
10. Scattah -Trolly Snatcha
11.Metal Mouth - Skream
12.So Vexed (Crissy Criss Edition) - Funtcase
13.Blood Countess - Enigma
14.Streets of Rage (Flux Pavilion Remix) - Picto
15. Individual Parties - Total Recall
16. Stagga - Raven
17. Gold Dust  (Flux Pavillion Remix) - DJ Fresh
18. Split The Atom (Bar 9 Remix) - Noisia
19. Regurgitate - Statelapes
20. Brian Badonde Riddim - MENSAH
21. Timewarp Dub - Stagga
22. Meathead - Flux Pavillion
23. Dubsteppa - Funtcase
24. Invasion - The  Others
25. Ignition - Downlink
26. Pornstep ft. The Highbury Whores (Dirty Basement Housier Than Pilooski edit) - Frankie Valli
27. Go Ask Alice - The Widdler
28. Meta Lick - Skream
29. Gimme Shelter (Zeds Dead Remix) - Rolling Stones
30. Android - Downlink
31. Ripple - Liquid Stranger
32. Street Fighter - Cookie Monsta
33. Sleepyhead (Borgore Remix) - Passion Pit
34. MAD - Magnetic Man
35. They Live (Alkaseltza Remix) - Evil Nine
36. Rock Music - Benga
37. White Satin - Zeds Dead
38. Machine Gun(Spor Remix) - Noisia
39.Psychadelic - DJ Hazard
40. Chemical - Vermin
41. Go Dark - Instigate
42. Pimp Slap - Dirtyphonics
43. Scare Tactics - Cause 4 Concern
44. Timewarp - Subfocus
45.  Mr. Happy - DJ Hazard
46. R U Ready - Simon Bassline Smith & Drumsound
47. Take Me To The Hospital (Subfocus remix) - The Prodigy
48. Screw Up (The Upbeats remix) - Ewun

Dubstep / Drum & Bass 

Friday, July 23, 2010



All I can say is... DOPE! A must Download! more on the minimal / melodic side, it's a very catchy tune to keep your body bouncing!

   asdfjkl;;alsfdknv;2or3nv by KNRVUS


Hurt (MNG' s Dubstep Remix) - T.I. ft. Busta Rhymes

Another Banger from Mista Nyce Guy! This tune is sick, it kinda sounds like Caspa.

   Hurt (MNG' s Dubstep Remix) - T.I. ft. Busta Rhymes by Mista Nyce Guy

Dubstep / Hip-Hop

Trouble in Mushroom Valley

Sick New Breaks tune From KNRVUS! Nice groove goin on. Definitely download this one!

   01 Trouble In Mushroom Valley by KNRVUS

Breaks / Melodic

Let's Get Ramblin

Hot Outta the oven, comes a fresh new Spenny B Dubstep tune called 'Let's Get Ramblin'. More on the Heavy side of dub. Downloadable to! (d-_-b)
   Lets get ramblin - Spenny B by SpennyB

Dubstep / Heavy

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Longrider

A sick remix from Mista Nyce Guy. The Original is from 2 local cats that go by the name of Daphutur Definitely check em out!


    The Longrider (MNG Remix) - Daphutur by Mista Nyce Guy


School Ya To The Rules Of The Game

glitch / hard /  bass / remix

Thursday, May 13, 2010


A massive one from KNRVUS

  Charging... by KNRVUS

Breaks / Electro

in†rica†e Presents : MNG's Apryl Showerz Mix

 Mini Mix from that dude smilin all the time, Mista Nyce Guy!

  Intricate Presents: MNG's Apryl Showerz Mix by Mista Nyce Guy

Track List:
1. Rise of the Idiots - Skism
2. Night Goes On - Flux Pavillion
3. Raindrops (Doorly's Dubstep Remix) - Basement Jaxx
4. Reasons (Doctor P Remix) - 12th Planet & Juakali
5. How Purple Can You Go - Ludacris vs. Joker & Ginz
6. Frontline - Cookie Monsta
7. What (Boy 8-Bit Mix) - Jack Beats
8. Quicksand (Boy 8-Bit Remix) - La Roux
9. We No Speak Americano - Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP
10. Right Hand High (Kill The Noise Remix) - Kid Sister
11. Stitch (Bass Kleph Remix) - Twocker
12. Flickery Vision (Rusko's Staying Awake Remix) - Audio Bully's

Dubstep / Electro / House

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Serato's Broken Mix

Serato's Broken CDJ Mix - Spenny B 

My Serato box broke on me, so i had to burn a shit ton of CDs.  I was just itchen to mix some filthy dubstep!

Dubstep / Fidjet / Minimal

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


New Dubstep tune from Spenny B
  Keep Teh Muzik Down - Spenny B by SpennyB


Spenny B Mix


                 -Track List-
1.  TBA - Spenny B Vrs. Mista Nyce Guy 
2.  Ghost - Downlink
3.  Bass Head (SPL Remix) - Bassnectar 
4.  Bass Head (MRK1 Remix) - Bassnectar 
5.  How Purple can you go (Ludacris vrs Joker & Gins)- The Hood Internet 
6.  Riddle of Steel (12th Planet & Tealong Remix) - Guns n' Bombs 
7.  Cold Shoulder (Rusko Remix) - Adele
8.  Air Raid - Flux Pavillon & Doctor P 
9.  Twilight - Mista Nyce Guy 
10. War Face - Spenny B 
11. Lions ft. New Kidz (Bassnectar & Amp Ill Gates Remix) - Malente & Dex 
12. IwannaByourDog (Pelussje and Bloodshake UGLY EDIT) - The Stooges 
13. Organ Grinder (Herve's Big B. Morgan Mix) - Trevor Loveys 
14. Shakedown (Bass Kleph Remix) - Joan Reyes
15. Alysa - Flavio Diaz
16. I Think i Like it - Fake Blood
17. Hooker (Alex Di Stefano Remix) - Federico Milani
18. Latin Fever - Wolfgang Gartner 
19. The Moon - Buy Now
20. Blunt Edge - Zinc
21. We Can't be stop'd ft. Alex Peace (Dj Bam bam Remix) - The Yank
22. 2012 - Cold Blank
23. Play the Record Again - Ac Slater  
24. Gasa - Reset!
25. Half in Love With Elizabeth (Foamo Remix/Malente Re-Rub)- Mystery Jets


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Renegade Bass Presents: ANTISERUM

Facebook Event Link -!/event.php?eid=373149809660
Location: Level 2 Lounge (11607 Japer Ave)

On Saturday April 4th Renegade Bass is proud to present San Francisco Rudeboy.....

(Argon, Hollow Point, Narco Hz, San Francisco USA)

Hailing from San Francisco, California, bass scientist Antiserum has helped push West Coast dubstep to the forefront of the sound from day one. Constantly on tour from backwoods to big city in support of his heavy load of releases, he is on a quest to inspire and be inspired by the dancefloor crew. His sound skates the void of dark dub rollers and hype dance floor killers. His DJ sets are filled with high-impact mixes, precision blends, and big dubs from producers across the globe. 

Antiserum's diverse but always earthquaking production output is available or coming soon on such respected labels as Argon, Narco.Hz, Full Melt, Cyberfunk, Steps in Time, Muti, Hollow Point, Mode, War and True Tiger.

Along side:
Dub Affiliates ( Renegade Bass,, Level 2)
Daphutur ( Renegade Bass, The Internationals)
Spenny B (Renegade Bass, Intricate)
Mr. Nyce Guy (Renegade Bass, Intricate)
Josh E.P (Renegade Bass, Level 2)
Mickey Sasso (Renegade Bass, Level 2)


Only $10 before 10 p.m!!!!
Bring your ticket from Excision and Datsik and recieve a discount
Doors @ 9 p. m
18 + w/ I.D

Friday, March 5, 2010


A Big 1 From KNRVUS! This tune just keeps gettin crazier and crazier as you listen, Dope!

Warcry - KNRVUS

Breaks / Dubstep


Anotha Original from Mista Nyce Guy!  this one is a very cool minimal tech  tune sure to keep you movin! 
Easeyamynd - Mista Nyce Guy

Minimal / Tech

Friday, February 5, 2010

ARGcore Vrs Ninjas Set

Spenny B's set from the 'ARGcore Vrs Ninjas' Event  

                       -Track List- 
1. Dansa Med Vapen (the Subs rmx) - Maskinen ft. Marina Gasolina
2. Outta Control - Aquasky ft. Sporty-O
3.Peanuts Club Remix (Premix) - Zeds Dead
4. Jack Got Jacked (Jack beats remix)- AC Slater 
5. Run It (Sinden Remix) - EPMD
6. Obvious - Excision 
7. Cozza Frenzy - Bassnectar 
8. Viva Tibet (East Vrs West mix) - Freq Nasty vrs. Bassnectar
9. We own the Sky(Udachi Remix) - M83
10. Peacemaker - Freq Nasty 
11. Double 99 (Enigma & Shorterz rmx) - Ripgroove 
12. Rasputin's Gold - Doctor P
13. The Moment (Enigma Rmx) - KT
14. Filth - Skream 
15. What Did He Say - Skream
16. Nuke 'Em - Datsik 
17. Fat Rodeo Girl - Cookie Monsta 
18. 7 Deadly Dubs Sample - Enigma 
19. Soap Dodger - Crissy Chris 
20. Doin Time (Zeds Dead Rmx) - Sublime 
21. Wings of the Morning (DZ rmx) - Capleton ft method man
22. Gecko - Datsik 
23. Southpaw - Datsik 
24. Screw Up (The Upbeats rmx) - Ewun
25. Enuff iz Enuff - Dj Hazard
26. Scan Darker - Taxman
27. Hold Tight - Dj Clipz
28. Night (Zinc Remix) - Benga & Coki
29. Party - Redeye & Trixta 
30. Drifter - Brooker Brothers & Furlonge 
31. A Bit Patchy (Sub Focus Rmx) - Switch 
32. Diplodocus - Noisia 
33. Where's my Money - TC 
34. Where's my Money (Caspa Remix) - TC
35. Everyday Hustle (AC Slater Rmx) - B.Rich 
36. Down - DZ 

House / Fidget / Dubstep / Drum&Bass 

Thursday, January 28, 2010


A new original tune from Spenny B! A breakbeat/dubstepish tune with heavy basslines to keep ya on your dancin feet

Flashback - Spenny B


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FEB.27th - Bass Funkin' Blows - FREQ NASTY [nz/uk] & FORT KNOX 5 [dc/us]

Oh Snap! presents...

:::: Bass Funkin' Blows ::::

Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 9pm
Starlight - 10030 102st

:: FREQ NASTY :: [botchit NZ/UK]


:: FORT KNOX 5 :: [FK5 - US]

with support from...
Degree & Jake Roberts
Sweetz & Propa
Battery & Spenny B

-In the Temple-

Parallel 49 [Sureshock & The Specialist]
Cobra Commander
Ten- O
P -Rex
Cool Beans
Hotspur Pop

doors @9pm | 18+ ID Required
Tickets - $20 in Advance @ Foosh, Blackbyrd, Room 322, and online at
FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE<---------------------------------------------------------------------


This Original Mista Nyce Guy tune is off teh chain! And its DOWNLOADABLE TO!

Outstanding - Mista Nyce Guy


Choke Me Spank Me(Produced by Spenny B) - Xzibit (downloadABLE)

A chill hip-hop tune by Spenny B, mixed with some Xzibit flava



This is hilarious! someone needs to make a youtube vid for this tune

Powerthurst - KNRVUS (DownloadABLE)

Drum and Bass / Comedy

Sample from the intro of the 1959 television show "The Twilight Zone" mixed with some original Mista Nyce Guy bassline, drums, n synths. Enjoy!

Twilight Zone - Mista Nyce Guy

Dirty Dark Deep Bass

in†rica†e MiX 1 Spenny B vs. Mista Nyce Guy

Spenny B Vrs. Mista Nyce Guy-Missing A Piece To The Puzzle Original Mix->
------------Track List-----------------------
1.intro - Spenny B
2.Dubby - Mista Nyce Guy
3.Drugs Take Hold - Spenny B
4.Monsta Masha - Mista Nyce Guy
5.Special Technique - Spenny B
6.Assault and Battery - Mista Nyce Guy
7.Eastern Dub - Spenny B
8.Outstanding - Mista Nyce Guy
9.Spooky - Spenny B
10.The Reckoning - Mista Nyce Guy
11.Feel Like A Deaf Man - Spenny B Vrs. Mista Nyce Guy
12.Pump That Bass - Mista Nyce Guy
13. Danger - Spenny B
12.Original Badman - Spenny B
13.Mad - Spenny B
14.Matrix - Mista Nyce Guy


intricate is a group of producers and dj's, from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. We bring you Original Dubstep, DnB, Minimal, Breaks, Progressive, House Tracks....We Are in†rica†e

(click on name to go to individual artist soundcloud site)
- Spenny B
- Mista Nyce Guy